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Iuriel, Queen of Angels and divine grace.

Iuriel is the 5th oldest angel and the curent queen of all angels. 


Iuriel was the 5th Angel created by Jehova and was the first female angel. 


Divine smite: She has the ability to call down a divine smite from the Heavens. Smite appears as a blinding light that any dark entity can instantly roast from, if they however survive, smite then cuts through their bodies and destroys their essence and soul immediadtly.

Blinding Light: She can project a blinding light from her hands. The Light can roast someone, crumble dark armies and normal armies in seconds, melt buildings, etc.

Illusions: She is a master of illusions. She can bombard many minds, weak or not, with illusions to decieve them. Most of the time her illusions work, sometimes they don't.

Telepathy: She is a master telepathy. She can shield her mind from deciet, mental assaults, etc. She can also peer into the minds of others. If she were to peer into the mind of a evil doer she would use her Telepathy to try and shift his thoughts to something good, thus persuading him from evil to the light. She also has telepathic connection to every cosmic and divine entity in the omniverse. Her mental defenses are also the best of any of the Angels.

Golden aura: This Aura, which when looked at spiritually, appears as a golden web with 6 flaming swords around it. It protects her soul and prevents things like: Soul stealing, hexes, curses, life draining, essence destruction, bullets, missles, bombs, etc. This aura also helps shield out illusions. It can not be destroyed by anti-magic machines due to the Divine power. A anti-magic device/machine would explode if it tried to absorb the aura.

Durability: Her durability is best upon any of the Angels. She has been able to absorb the blows of Hulk and transfer it into energy for herself, deflect Superman's lasers with her swords and gaunlets, absorb the magic of Dr Doom, etc.

Summon: She can call down thousands of angels from the Heavens with the shout of her voice.

Super-speed: She can go 3 times the Speed of Light. Not only does this make her a dangerous opponet, it makes her a much flexible one.

Enhanced senses and seeing: If someone turns off her vision, her Aura grants her advanced senses. She would see much better then she saw before, and she'd be much more agile. Her senses allow her to detect someone going 6 times the speed of light and beyond and react to them.

Golden lasers: She can fire out rays of golden lasers at someone. They can do whatever she wants them to do, example: She can have a laser hit someone and heal them so much the become unborn and die. She can also hit Lasers at someone and simply have their entire body and bones turn to dust. She can have the lasers hit a entity or someone and have their essence and souls be dispelled and destroyed. If there's a powerful curse on someone's soul, the Golden Lasers can lift it.

Holy fire: From her hands and omit Holy Fire. The Fire can consume entire armies, scorch half of entire big cities, destroy most of the life on a planet. However, she only uses holy fire in dispelling Dark entities. Holy fire is painful and dangerous to any being of Darkness, even gods of darkness. Holy fire is glistening white fire and is used widely by Angels and followers of Iuriel.

Precongition: She has the ability to peer into the Future.

Divine Lightning: She can fire down yellow lightning that can decimate small armies and super-humans.

Immortality: She has the ability to live forever and is immortal. However one can defeat her if they play their cards right.

Divine blast: This blast of light is more spiritual then pshyical. This is to weaken and steal abilities away from Dark entities, nothing more, nothing less.

Shapeshifting: She can shapeshift into anything and anyone as she pleases.

Teleportation: She can teleport at second, long or short distances.

Levitation: She has the ability to levitate.

Chains of Light: She can fire out golden chains that would immediadtly lit someone's body on fire, and it would quench a Dark entity in Holy fire, killing it.

Mild reality warping: There is reality warping in some of her powers, Holy Fire for example can make the landform of anything change on impact. She can not, however, snap her fingers and erase things from existence. It is just minor reality warping imbedded in her powers.


Swords of light: Her swords are drenched with Holy fire and divine light, on impact it can decimate/kill someone. She can also shoot rays of light from her sword and a multituide of other things. These swords are purely divine power, they can NOT be destroyed.

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