4 forms of Yahweh. The Son, The Father, The Holy Spirit, and Genesis. The young man, the old man, the bird, and the glowing light.

Yahweh is the creator of the entire New Age Megaverse and is the most powerful being in creation. 


Before there was creation, there was Yahweh. He has been existing for eternity, sleeping for eons appon eons in his time. Then he woke up and created the 3 multiverses . Jehova, Malum, and The Universe itself. He than left them all to let them do as they please. He has 4 diferent forms that he can appear in. He can be the Son that humans and other mortal aliens can see him as. The Father in which Angels, Demons, Devils, Pantheon Gods, and Dimensional Lords can see him as. The Holy Spirit in which Jehova, Malum and The Universe can see him as. Finaly the true form of him which is Genisis that only beings that he allows to see him in his true form can.     

Powers Edit




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